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Recycling Label for the Netherlands

Recycling Label

Thank you for choosing to recycle your product. Please take a little time to fill in this form. You will be directed to a recycling label when you submit the form. Please print a copy of this form to travel with the WEEE.

Please provide a few details about your company and the reasons for recycling the product(s).

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Full Name:

Full Company Name:


Please provide model number(s) of the new Verint product(s) you have purchased after 13 August 2005:

Product number validation:  

Why are the products being recycled?

What products are being sent for recycling?

How did the product(s) perform during their operational life?

How satisfied were you with the service provided by your reseller for the operational life of the product(s)?

Who was the reseller for the product(s) that you are recycling?  

Reseller Town / City  

Type the code:

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