At Verint, we have established standards of excellence that position us to continuously improve our solutions, processes, and services, and we embrace proven quality practices established by programmes dedicated to promoting excellence.

Verint is globally certified on the ISO 9001 Quality Management Standard. Our company-wide Quality Management System is designed to encompass all Verint business units and processes. We define Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) against which our teams can measure quality and business performance, and we also assess quality, using such methods as customer surveys, management reviews and internal audits. We continually monitor our Quality Management System and work to enhance its effectiveness and support for our business activities.

Our culture is quality-centric, and each Verint employee is a quality champion. Our quality and management policies promote company-wide consistency and clear expectations with regard to our quality goals. We also work to raise awareness of our quality commitments among our suppliers and partners and develop joint quality plans with them.

Verint is committed to delivering the highest quality offerings, and we work to meet and even exceed the expectations of our customers and partners.