Powering Actionable Intelligence.

At Verint, we’re dedicated to delivering innovation solutions that empower our customers to achieve their objectives today and in the future.

The Verint Patent Portfolio

Verint is a proven technology innovator, with more than 800 patent registrations and applications worldwide. Our patent portfolio underlines our commitment to providing our customers with extraordinary solutions for their most important business challenges.

A Customer-Centric Culture

Ours is a customer-centric culture, dedicated to delivering the solutions and services our customers need to be successful. Verint product design, implementation and support are driven by customer requirements and feedback. Our ongoing investment in Research and Development enables us to develop advanced technologies that address our customers’ changing business requirements. And our robust service and support portfolio allows our customers to realise optimal value from their investments in Verint solutions.

Promoting Innovation and Collaboration Industry-Wide

The Verint Open Innovation Network promotes innovation, collaboration and technology advancement on an industry scale, while also protecting Verint’s intellectual property rights. Through the Open Innovation Network, companies that market competitive or complementary solutions can leverage Verint’s patented technologies in their own offerings to deliver higher value solutions to their customers. Contact us for more information.