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Actionable Intelligence is a necessity in a dynamic world of massive information growth because it empowers organisations with crucial insights and enables decision makers to anticipate, respond, and take action.

Empowering Organisations with Actionable Intelligence

Organisations are now more aware of the value they can create by using insights gleaned from large data sets. The amount and types of structured and unstructured data available is growing rapidly and presents new and increasing challenges and complexities. Organisations that are able to capture, analyse and act on Actionable Intelligence from big data are better positioned to create value and achieve their strategic objectives.

Verint has been focused on Actionable Intelligence for more than 20 years. Our solutions address two key areas of the market:

  • Customer Engagement—Cloud and on-premises solutions that help customer-centric organisations optimise customer engagement, increase customer loyalty, and maximise revenue opportunities, while generating operational efficiencies, reducing cost, and mitigating risk.
  • Cyber Intelligence—Security and intelligence data mining solutions used by governments, critical infrastructure providers, and enterprise customers for a wide range of applications, including predictive intelligence, advanced and complex investigations, security threat analysis, electronic data and physical assets protection, as well as for generating legal evidence and preventing criminal activity and terrorism.

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