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On-premises or in the cloud, Verint solutions can help you know, empower, and connect with customers and employees.

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Verint Digital Transformation

Customer Engagement Optimisation

Don’t Just Deliver Experiences. Engage.

Communication channels have exploded. Do you handle them all? Are your customers' experiences consistent and excellent across all channels?

Consumers are a click away from the competition. How does your customer engagement compare to your competitors?

And what are you doing to make service faster, easier, and more personalised?

With Verint Customer Engagement Optimisation, you and your customers can achieve better outcomes with less effort, and your organisation can enhance loyalty, increase revenue, improve efficiency, and reduce risk. Our comprehensive platform for customer engagement optimisation includes proven and unified solutions for customer analytics, omni-channel engagement management and workforce optimisation. It also includes mobile apps that can enable managers and staff to better manage their workdays and gain deeper insight into customer feedback. You can license our solutions as a whole or by individual product, deploy them on premises, or access them via the cloud, as your business needs dictate.

CRM Solutions & Customer Loyalty Solutions

Customer Engagement Optimisation Software & Solutions

Verint Customer Engagement Optimisation delivers Actionable Intelligence about workforce performance, operational efficiency, service processes, interaction quality and ever-changing customer behaviour. Armed with these insights, you can be better equipped to deliver consistent, contextual, and personalised experiences that count, no matter which channels customers use to engage.

Thousands of organisations round the world rely on Verint to help them enhance loyalty, increase revenue, improve efficiency, and reduce risk in their contact centres, branch operations, marketing and customer care and back-office operations. Find out how Verint Customer Engagement Optimisation solutions can benefit your business too.

At Verint, we're dedicated to helping organisations optimise customer engagement with Actionable Intelligence. We know that part of optimising customer engagement is finding the right technology deployment model that can evolve to meet the changing needs of your business. That's why we offer multiple deployment models for maximum flexibility, including:

Private Cloud: Private cloud deployments offer peace of mind for organisations dealing with security, control over enterprise and customer data, and issues connected to regulatory compliance. These deployments are designed and supported by Verint experts to help achieve your specific requirements.

Public Cloud: Public cloud deployments deliver feature-rich solutions in multi-tenant environments that simplify deployment, increase time to value, and decrease complexity without compromising performance, reliability and security.

On Premises: Our software is installed and runs on servers physically located on the premises (in the building) of your organization.

Multiple Deployment Models of Verint Solutions

Discover how engagement helps customers build stronger relationships, increase loyalty, reduce costs, mitigate risk and maximise revenue.


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A Strategic Guide to Customer Engagement Optimisation

A Strategic Guide to Customer Engagement Optimisation

White Paper

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Customer Engagement Optimisation

Creating an Omnichannel Customer Engagement Strategy


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Verint Workforce Management

Engagement Management

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Verint Workforce Optimisation

Verint Workforce Optimisation

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