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Discover an efficient, effective way to train employees. Download the data sheet to learn more.

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Provide Targeted Training for Employees

Building and keeping employee skills sharp can be a continual challenge for many organisations, particularly as products, services, processes, regulations, and staffing change over time.

learning for all employees

Corporate learning

Verint Learning can provide staff with timely, relevant training without the high cost and inconvenience of classroom sessions. This practical solution makes training available directly on the employee desktop. Supervisors can assign courses and other training content to individuals or groups manually based on their own observations, or training can be triggered automatically based on scorecard results and quality monitoring performance evaluations. Employees can even assign lessons to themselves proactively to improve their skills.

Verint Learning is available with Verint Workforce Optimisation, Workforce Management, Performance Management and Quality Management solutions. It can help you empower your employees by providing a continuous cycle of learning available right from their desktops.

Educate your workforce

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