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Don’t just record – do it intelligently with Verint Intelligent Call Recording

Intelligent Call Recording

Reduce Liability and Enhance Compliance and Quality.

Organisations have long been recording interactions between their customers and employees for liability protection, compliance and quality management purposes. While these recordings can contain massive amounts of useful information, extracting actionable intelligence from them quickly can be challenging.

Verint Intelligent Call Recording Interaction Review

Verint Intelligent Call Recording is a single, prepackaged solution that couples call recording with the power of speech processing, helping you realise more value from captured interactions. It can capture, index, archive and retrieve audio, screen, and other methods of interaction from different and mixed recording environments. Also, it can automate call tagging using out-of-the-box call disposition topics, as well as topics that you define.

An omnichannel interaction player presents all interaction attributes in one place making it easier to listen, view, analyse and take action. Verint Recording is easy to maintain, with proven reliability and many redundancy options.

To secure sensitive and private interaction information, industry leading, 256-bit, end-to-end Verint Encryption Management is available.

In combination with Verint Encryption Management and Verint Desktop and Process Analytics, Verint Recording facilitates compliance with Payment Card Industry – Data Security Standards (PCI-DSS) mandates.

Verint Recording is unified with other Verint products such as Enterprise Workforce Management, Desktop and Process Analytics and Speech Analytics. It also supports Real-Time Speech Analytics and voice biometrics-based Identity Authentication and Fraud Detection.

The unification simplifies administration and delivers unique, pre-built, business process workflows, to quickly understand why and how interactions are being handled by employees.

Verint also offers recording solutions for:

  • Verint Risk and Compliance for Financial Trading for capturing 100 per cent of calls while helping trading rooms and financial institutions achieve compliance in trading floor, branch and back-office operations.
  • Verint Branch Audio Recording for capturing face-to-face interactions between employees and customers at distributed business locations, to better ensure quality and regulatory compliance.

The solution can either be deployed on-premises or in hybrid cloud environments.

Verint Recording is an integral and unified part of Verint Workforce Optimisation, a comprehensive solution set to capture, evaluate, manage and analyse omnichannel customer interactions.

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