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Verint Cyber Intelligence solutions help make the world a safer place by providing Actionable Intelligence to organisations fighting crime and terror.

Cyber Intelligence

Verint helps organisations detect, investigate, and neutralise crime, terror and cyber attacks

Government Cyber Intelligence

Enabling law enforcement, national security and intelligence agencies to investigate and prevent crime, terrorist networks, drug trafficking, cyber attacks and other illegal activities. Such investigations involve highly complex tactics and include the collection, integration and analysis of information from multiple sources, including cyber space and a variety of communications networks.

Cyber Security

Detect, analyse and respond to advanced attacks with the unified, intelligence-driven platform that detects breaches across the attack chain and automates the complex work of incident investigation. Through the power of automation, it can help make security operations vastly more efficient.

Situational Intelligence

Integrated solutions that combine physical security and intelligence to better anticipate and respond to unique threats that evolve over time, including crime, vandalism, natural disaster, fire, terrorism, riots, traffic safety and more.

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