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Data is out there. Bring it in, analyse it, and accelerate your investigation.

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Verint Web Intelligence Centre ENGLISH

Web and Social Intelligence

Everybody is on-line, and they're all leaving digital fingerprints. You need a powerful tool to reveal these clues and solve crimes

Verint Web Intelligence offers two investigation paths:

  • For complete open-source investigations, Verint Web Intelligence Centre collects andanalyses virtually the entire web – social networks, blogs, hosting services, news sites, even the Deep & Dark Web – building critical insights, focusing your investigation, and pinpointing targets.
  • For Social Networks intelligence, Verint WebAlert offers cloud-based Situational Awareness that listens, monitors and extracts data from social networks, including Twitter, YouTube and Instagram for persons of interest in specific geo-locations.

Data is Out There. Bring it in, Analyse it, and Accelerate Your Investigation.

Customer Profile
Customer Profile

Verint Web Intelligence Centre

Non-stop Collection from Public and Private Sources and Advanced Analytics for Meaningful Insights

Verint Web Intelligence skillfully finds and opens up hidden sites – with anti-detection systems that leave no bridge back to the investigation team. Using managed crawlers and socially-engineered avatars – Verint's open source intelligence solution actually engages the web to bring home intelligence that can be found in no other way. Its intuitive forensic workflows – designed by intelligence experts - guide you step by step to uncover new leads and keep your investigation moving forward.

Tailored analytics break down and enrich the intelligence – you can reconstruct social circles, interpret emerging events and discover persons of interest. Customised alerts, behavioural profiles, geospatial identification along with many other high-powered investigative tools create a faster time to Actionable Intelligence.

Verint WebAlert

Cloud social network intelligence

Verint WebAlert listens, monitors and extracts data from social networks including Twitter, YouTube and Instagram for persons of interest in specific geo-locations. WebAlert also collects aggregated information from the leading news outlets and blog platforms.

By detecting high-risk posts and helping in identifying potential threats and targets, Verint WebAlert assists security organisations to prevent crime and terrorism before it happens. In addition, the system enables historic searching and has the capability to go back in time and retrieve all the social media content related to an event, allowing authorities to perform retroactive investigation. Verint WebAlert also builds an associates network that identifies the people closest to the person of interest. WebAlert is used by leading security agencies around the world.

Customer Profile
Verint WebAlert - English

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