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Verint is a leading provider of security and intelligence data mining software, helping governments, critical infrastructure and enterprise organisations mitigate and prevent terror, crime and cyber threats.

Cyber Intelligence

Verint’s solutions help strengthen and empower organisations to detect, investigate, and neutralise today’s global security threats.

Government Cyber Intelligence

Policing, national security, cyber security, and intelligence agencies are mandated to fight a wide range of criminal activity, such as arson, drug trafficking, homicides, human trafficking, identity theft, kidnapping, poaching, illegal immigration, financial crimes, and other organised crimes. Verint’s Policing evidence collection data mining and investigation solution provides critical intelligence to advance complex investigations.

Cyber Security

Governments, critical infrastructure organisations, and enterprises are facing attacks from sophisticated malware. Due to the increased sophistication of these attacks they are becoming more difficult to detect, prevent, and investigate. Verint’s security and intelligence data mining software solutions help organisations collect network, end-point, and other information from multiple sources and apply analytics in order to prioritise responses to attacks, automate part of the investigation process to reduce dependency on cyber analysts and data scientists, and reduce the critical time from detection to remediation.

Situational Intelligence

Integrated solutions that combine physical security and intelligence to better anticipate and respond to unique threats that evolve over time, including crime, vandalism, natural disaster, fire, terrorism, riots, traffic safety and more.

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